Do you want to have a unusual and memorable event and made yourself a unique souvenir as a memento?

This is what you looking for!
- it is a uncommon entertaiment,suited for any of you event (Birthday, Christmas, marriage, anniversary, corporate etc.)
- it is the best chance to create a good gift with your own hans
This equpment allows to create any person in a few seconds a memorable souvenir coin with the image of symbolic of a place where it was made! ( City park, zoo, museum etc.)


Screenplays for monetary show

"Payment at the entrance"
In front of entrance to a restaurant your guests meets a smith. He offers to mint a coin with a wedding date and names of the newlyweds. Withoot this souvenir enter to this event is impossible! The souvenir coin can be an etxtraordinary wedding invitation!
"The best pledge"
During the celebration the bride and groom assess the wishes of guest and then they mint a wedding coin as a gift for best pleadge to very eloquent guest.
Newlyweds can mint coins in advance which will played in different competitions.
"A gift for a gift"
Getting presents from guests newlyweds give a souvenir coin in gratitude, it became a lovely souvenir, recalling this bright day.
On the wedding the bride and groom the first create a coin which will be sold at auction to a most generous guest. Then all guests can themselvs mint this souvenir with newlyweds names for a nominal fee which will go to the family budget.